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18"Madonna & Child Figure


16" Mary White Finish for 27" Nativity


13" Kneeling Santa W/Lamb Fig


Holy Family 10"H Triptych by Joseph's Studio


16" Mary Color Figure for 27" Scale Nativity


Mary and Joseph "La Posada" 10"H Fig


Nativity Triptych 12.75"H


Framed Image of the Light of the World 4.5"H


Framed Image of the Holy Family 4.5"H


St. Benedict Silver BREATHE Bracelet (Red)


St. Nicholas Statue 10.5"H


My Pocket Nativity Finger Puppet Set


Advent Taper Candles 10"H


Precious Baby Jesus with Lambs Nativity Figure


Holy Family Statue 19.5"H


Mountain Miracle Christmas Storybook


"The Christ Story" Wall Cross 12"H w/ Pewter Finis


Holy Family 6.25"H Collectible Statue


Bouguereau's "Innocence" Plaque by Marco Sevelli


Bouguereau's "Innocence" Musical Figurine 9"H


Advent Nativity Candle Holder


Holy Family Nativity w/ Wood cut Base and Arch


The Miracle of Saint Nicholas by Gloria Whelan


The Christmas Shepherds Author: Maïte Roche Board


3.5"H St. Nicholas Patron of Children and Brides


Holy Family Vintage Silver Bust in Glass Dome


Kneeling Santa Nativity Ornament 3.5"H


Nativity Scene Magnet Set.


Story of Christ Bracelet by Roman (Brown/Silver)


Madonna and Child Jesus 50 Sheet Notepad


Song of Angels Musical Figurine Plays Ave Maria


Nativity Scene LED Christmas Figure 8.5"H By Roman


Fontanini Cloche Dome LED Lighted Musical Nativity


Holy Family in Stable Ornament by Fontanini


13'H Christmas Tree with Holy Family


The Sermons of St. Francis de Sales for Advent/Chr


Nativity Gold and Silver Christmas Tree Figurine


Da Vinci Cherub Charm Bracelet in Sterling Silver


Angel Pendant Sterling Silver on 14" Chain


Sleeping St. Joseph Statue by Fontanini 6.5"L


Song of Angels Figurine 7"H Collectible Figurine


Swarovski™ Sterling Silver Sacred Heart Rosary


The Christ Story Wall Cross by Roman Inc 8"H


Holy Family 11 x 14 Print


Holy Family in Manger 11 x 14 Print


Our Lady of Mount Carmel Shining Light Doll


St. Michael Shining Light Doll (SOLD OUT)


Madonna and Child 3"H Collectible Keepsake Box


Nail Ornament "Forgive Them"


La Posada 8"H Collectible Figure by Roman Inc


Christmas LED Candle 2 piece Set 5"H


Angel with Cardinals 14.5"H Collectible Figurine


Christmas Jet with Santa and Elves Revolving Scene


Holy Family with Christmas Tree LED Figurine


Holy Family LED NativityFigurine


St. Benedict Medal "Blessings" Bracelet ( Silver M


St. Lucy 6.25"H Collectible Statue


Kneeling Madonna and Child White Alabaster


Wind Up Musical Plush Lamb Plays "Jesus Loves Me"


Saint Nicholas Shining Light Doll


Saint Lucy Shining Light Doll


The Greatest Miracle DVD


Virgin Mary Pregnant with Baby Jesus 8.75"H Statue


My Plush Nativity Christmas Ornament/Play 6 pc set


Forgive Them Nail Christmas Ornament


Kneeling Santa with Baby Jesus Ornament 2.75"H


Mary Mother Of God (Expectant Mother) Figurine


Holy Christmas Silver Plated Rosary


Holy Christmas Gold Plated Rosary


Madonna and Child by Little Drops of Water


Mother Mary Plush Doll 9"H


Christmas "Jesus Is Born" Key Ornament


Madonna and Child "Magnificat" Cuff Bracelet


The Case of the Christmas Tree Capers~Paperback


Christmas Arounf the Fire (Hardcover)


Kiddie Cat: A Child's First Catechism Lesson


Santa’s Priority: Keeping Christ in Christmas


Adoring Madonna & Child Figurine 7"H


Madonna And Child Ornament


Nativity Scene in Metallic Gold and Silver


Nativity Angel Advent Candle Holder 2 Piece Set


Holy Family Glass Dome Ornaments by Fontanini


LED Angel with Trumpet 9.5"H


Sisters of the Last Straw Vol 5


Filled by Faith Metallic Silver Cross Bracelet


Filled by Faith Metallic Gold Cross Bracelet


Our Lady of Guadalupe Plush Doll 10"H




Nativity Scene Devotional Candle 7-3/4"H


Santa With Nativity by Christmas Tree Figurine 10.


LED Tree Truck with Antlers Christmas Ornament


Virgin of the Stars Medal on Matching Chain


Madonna and Child "Mother's Kiss" Cameo Rosary


Guardian Angel Plush Doll


Nativity Wreath 15"


St Lucy 3.75" Statue Gift Boxed. with Prayer Card


St. Nicholas 4.5" Statue Gift Boxed w/ Prayer Card


Holy Family in Arch 4.75"H Christmas Ornament


Holy Family with Angel LED Nativity Scene


Our Lady of Guadalupe Blue and White Cameo Rosary


St Joseph with Baby Jesus Lily Rosary (Bronze)


St Joseph Rosary w/ Olive Wood, Hematite Beads


100% Pure Beeswax Candles 8"H Gift Boxed


Jesse Tree Magnet Set


Three Kings Nativity Plaque 12.5"H


Kneeling Santa with Baby Jesus Christmas Figurine


A Child's Christmas ABC Book by Paul Thigpen


Holy Christmas Rosary~ Green~ Made in Italy


Mother Mary Shining Light Doll


St. Nicholas Plush Doll 11"


Mini St. Nicholas Plush Doll


Mini Our Lady of Guadalupe Plush Doll


Advent Candle Holder ~ Baby Jesus and Angel


Advent Calendar to Color (hardcover)


St. Michael Holy Mass Crucifix 8"h


Adoring Holy Family Statue 12"H


Nativity Figurine 10.5"H


A Childs Christmas Counting Book


Our Lady of Guadalupe Holy Water Font 7"H


Saint Anthony Plush Doll

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